CARROT JUICE….yes, please!

Why are Carrots so healthy and useful? 

If you want a total insight of the health benefits of this delicious vegetable, you can go to this link


I would like to highlight just a few..
1. It contains Vitamins that are great for your SKIN! They make your skin healthy & glowing and what is maybe the best part of their benefits – they are the reason your skin will get that beautiful golden-brown color (skin-tan) without too much exposure to the sun! 

The reason is Beta-carotene, that makes your skin tan quicker, skin is healthier and more elastic. If you have sun sensitive skin, you might consider eating carrots before summer begins. What it does is that it increases the level of melanin – skin pigment that makes us brown and protects us against sun radiation and skin cancer. It also protects our from early aging, because of its effect on collagen.

2. Carrots are great solution for your healthy kids snacks. Mostly children love them, because they are sweet and colorful. They are great for your children health and let us not forget carrots improve eye sight!

3. You can eat them as snacks, make CARROT SOUP that my kids just love and it really does not get any easier!!! 

– 5 carrots, 

– onion
– 1 potato 
Cook all together, mix it and voila your cream carrot soup is here:) in 15 min!

You can also make CARROT JUICE, that you can drink as cocktails! 

You need:
– 1 carrot
– 1 peach
– 1 slice of melon
– 1 apple 
Mix everything together and add some lemon at the end. 



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