Greenhaired momster!

Ever heard that sentence before? NO? I did. The first time that I used Henna for dyeing my hair.

But lets start from the Beginning.

GREY HAIR. ooh… Nightmare for most women and if you are like me, who has grey hair already in her 30s, that is even worse. I guess we can thank Mother Nature and our great Genes for that!

Although they shouldn’t be a problem, right, with all this massive number of hair colors in the market we get to choose from. Almost every color you desire, you can buy. By now we all know that this colors are pure chemistry, they are in fact dangerous to our health and well-being. The recent studies showed, that the elements, hidden inside this hair colors, can cause severe headaches, brain damage, defect our eye-vision, cause sickness,etc..

So I asked myself, why on Earth would I keep using them? I have to color my hair every two – three moths. Calculate the amount of chemistry… It made me STOP. There are also Organic hair colors in the market, why not use them?

There is only ONE Organic hair color, that is truly 100% organic. And it’s HENNA. I think we all heard of it and are familiar with its healing effects on our body. For more info go to this link
Just make sure, you buy henna powder in specialized drugstores and not the commercial ones, who have different types of henna color – THEY ARE ALSO CHEMISTRY! ORGANIC HENNA IS GREEN POWDER AND GREEN ALONE!!

After I read about henna and it’s benefits, I decided to try it out. With all the preparation it felt like it will be time-consuming mission, but that’s when the fun began! Here’s what I did!

1. Preparation – I made it a family mission
When you use henna as your hair dye, you have to prepare it one day before you apply it on your hair.  So I asked my kids to help me with that. It’s quite fun actually, like mixing dirt with water;). You take your powder and put it in a bowl, then add warm but not hot! water and mix. You’ll be getting a paste that is quite thick and greenish color. Then you take 1 lemon and squeeze its juice in your mix. Lemon will darken henna hair color. 
So my kids loved mixing that up. But then the question popped out – MOM!YOUR HAIR WILL BE GREEN!! Well, they weren’t, thank God:)

2. Coloring – Engage your husband!
I have long hair, so coloring on my own wasn’t really an option. That’s when I engaged my husband. So, we set up a chair in the middle of the living-room. Then he put plastic bag over my head and on to my shoulders (he cut a T-shirt out of it;) and placed newspapers on the floor around the chair. Kids turned on TV, my husband put on gloves (make sure the gloves are strong otherwise he will walk around with orange hands for the whole week!) and it began.. It took about half an hour, it was a little messy, kids were laughing as my husband struggled with my hair. At the end he wrapped  my head in a food foil … and then you look like an alien for 4 hours. Make sure you remove stains from your face, neck and ears!! Or you’ll be like henna-art gone bad:)

3. Waiting is the hardest

For the best results you have to wait 4 hours before washing it off. You can also leave it over night as I did for the first time, as I read that henna can reduce headaches if you leave it on your hair over night. So, make sure, you don’t have friends and family come over at that time, unless you are comfortable with your alien look. Best is, if you watch a good movie or two, so the time will pass quicker. Relax..
4. Washing it off

If you have a bath, lie in it and let your hair soak and float around you. Remember, henna is good for the whole body not just hair! 
But if you are like me and only have a shower, relaxation isn’t an option. I found it quite hard to remove all that color from my hair. it’s thick and heavy and it goes on forever…But, for your health nothing is too hard. 
I felt the difference in my hair structure at the moment they were washed and dried with a towel. They were thicker, stronger, they had that earthy smell – which I personally love. after blow-dryer there were like twice as much hair as I had before, they had red color – grey hair colored orange and I had highlights. So it was quite colorful but in a good way. It takes 48 hours before hair color is complete – this means that it darkens, it adjusts your natural hair color, the only thing left are beautiful highlights of red. 

After I tried it once, I could never go back to the commercial, toxic colors. Read about it, take care of your body health, starting with your hair. You will feel your hair get stronger, healthier, thicker, you will have less grey hair. Even though it consumes a lot of time it is worth it. it’s your health, your body!

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