Quick trick for the summer


 After every use, we turn our swimwear/bikinis inside-out and wash them  with water. The water itself doesn’t take off all the salt or chlorine, so we have to use gentle soap. We don’t wash our swimwear in washing machine, it will ruin the fabric!
Washing powders are also too strong for its fabric and can destroy it.

Also you don’t put your swimwear in the drying machine, you dry it on air, but not directly on the sun, cause it will make your bikinis color fade. Also the sun affects functional property of your swimwear, which means that it won’t be as elastic as it was when you bought it and will lose shape. Which means, it won’t fit you anymore!

This tricks can help you maintain your swimwear, so it will fit you and look good as on the day you bought it!

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