Quick fix for smelly shoes

Smelly shoes... It’s quite common problem for most moms to deal with, especially if you have kids who practice sports or if you have a tendency for sweating. It can be a really time-consuming process, if you wash them after every practice.
From my experience those anti-sweating powders just don’t cut it and both of my children really have sweaty feet. Passing our shoe-closet was sometimes quite challenging.
So, how do you get that odor out? Easy! All you need is a little of Bicarbonate of Soda.


Take a table-spoon of Soda and rub it onto the sole of the shoe and just leave it over night. In the morning your shoes will be without odor. And it takes you a minute to do it!
Try it! It works! This quick fix will save you a lot of time and energy. And your shoes will smell nice:)
If you have a comment on this post or you find it helpful, you’re welcome to share it.

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