Motherhood RollerCoaster ride


I am a Mother of two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. And I love them more than words could say, literally. So I won’t be looking for the right ones as I believe that every Mother feels that way about her child.

But I would like to talk about those first minutes after you give birth to your beautiful newborn baby. About a roller-coaster of emotions. About how they made you wonder if you’re the only one on this crazy ride or are all of us, mothers, on it together..

There is a myth going around the first moment you see your newborn for the first time. It’s described as a moment of complete tenderness, feeling of powerful, unconditional love for your baby. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful moment in your life..

Well, I think that moment was described by a woman, who didn’t gave birth or by a man. Because that moment didn’t happen for me. Not at the beginning..It came at the end of that first week after birth. And then it was everything that it was supposed to be. MOTHER’S LOVE in all it’s glory.

So, how does it all begin? Well, right after birth there are 9 stations on the Motherhood roller-coaster ride that you have to overcome in order to get to that pivotal MOMENT. 

1. Feeling of great RELIEF

It comes right after you give birth. Relief that it’s over. Relief that there were no complications. Relief your baby is ok and healthy. Relief that you are ok.

(This is written from my point of view – a birth without complications and a healthy baby. I can’t imagine how a mother whose birth had complications or baby wasn’t ok, feels.. I believe it takes all the strength of a woman to overcome it and stand strong.)

2. Feeling of EXHAUSTION

Especially if you gave birth at night! Or if you were in labor all day. You just wanna sleep, rest, see no one. Have a quiet, peaceful room..

3. Feeling of FEAR

Your baby is here! You’ve been waiting 9 months for this moment. It’s here. The awareness of responsibility kicks in. Will I be a good mother?


Your newborn is so small and fragile. And now you have to start taking care of him/her. Are there any manuals on how to? I know I was terrified when I first had to pick my son up from his crib in the Hospital. I just kept thinking “Please God, don’t let me hurt him”. And then there’s changing dippers, feeding, breast-feeding, bathing, changing clothes… You just do it and hope for the best.


Babies cry. Everyone knows that, everyone tell you that a million times throughout your pregnancy. But nothing can prepare you for that constant cry, when you reach the point, when you don’t know what to do anymore. “Are you hungry? Are you in pain? Are you tired? You can’t sleep? Are you cold? Are you too warm?”… All these questions and no answer. Just guessing, trying to fix all of them, so one would work and baby will stop crying.


I think there’s nothing left to add. Blame it on the Hormones. Roller-coaster on the pick!


Starting a daily routine is the hardest in those first days. You don’t have time to shower properly, yet alone wash your hair. You are covered in poop, sweat, milk,.. “Will these dark circles under my eyes ever go away?! Who is this woman staring back at me?”

With other words, level of your hormones extremely drops, you feel depressed, in fear, tired. It’s not a good place to be. Luckily for me, these moments came and went really quickly – in a day or two. If you feel like you can’t control it or that it’s lasting for a long time, please talk to someone about it.


It comes at once. It overwhelms you. That pivotal moment when everything changes. You become a Mother. With unconditional, everlasting love for your baby. You feel the power to do everything it takes to keep him/her protected, healthy, happy. You change, life changes and everlasting MOTHERHOOD begins.

If you feel like I’ve left something out or have your experience you want to share, please comment or connect with me..

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4 thoughts on “Motherhood RollerCoaster ride

  1. All so true. I was an emotional wreck. Completely overwhelming and for me the bonding was always a gradual process. But that first shower! Bliss! #PicknMix


  2. This is so true – I kept questioning myself when I had my eldest about this rush of love I was supposed to feel instantly. The truth is – you are an emotional wreck after birth and it takes time to recover from that. The love gradually builds up and oozes out when you least expect it too – that’s what I found anyway! #PicknMix


  3. This is so true, I didn’t feel that isntant rush of love, especially with my first I just felt shock at this tiny blue/grey floppy thing in my arms. So weird, it definitely came with time. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x


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