5 Secrets to a Woman’s Happiness


It has now been eight years since I’ve stepped into the shoes of a Wife and a Mother. It’s been an amazing eight years that went by like a hurricane. When I look back to a life before kids and husband it seems like it was in a different space and time and Nobody can prepare you for this huge change that happens when your child arrives into this World. When you become a Family.

What I’ve noticed is that in that moment when a Woman conceives, she puts her needs aside. After the birth, this need of taking care of her family becomes even more intense. It comes naturally, like breathing, no one forces you to do so. It’s inside of us, this mother instinct, that as a Mother you just have to embrace. Yet, in that need of caring, we tend to lose ourselves, as a human being. As a Woman. We become a Mother, a Wife, but what happens to a Woman inside us?

I read somewhere that a Woman’s happiness affects the happiness of the whole World. Can you imagine what kind of Power lies within us? We take on a lot of different roles in our life-time. But what happens if we don’t take care of us? We burn out, we become depressed, sad, lonely. We lose our inner beauty, our inner child. That is when things in our lives tend to go wrong..

Being a Woman is amazing. Get ready to learn to love yourself again!

Exactly that. Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. Stop judging others if they make mistakes. Nobody is perfect and we all try our best to get trough life. You will become more positive and it will reflect in your life.

This is probably the hardest thing to do, in life in general. We are so consumed with fear, we are not even aware of it anymore. We create it in our own thoughts, when we over analyse our decisions, parenting, choices.. Take a moment in quiet and peace and calm your thoughts. Some positive affirmation comes in handy here. Trust in greater cause and that everything is going as it should.

Still remember what was it, that made you happy and satisfied before your husband and kids? DO the things you LOVE, Create, dance, sing, paint, draw,… Whatever fulfills you as a Woman. Be childish.. Don’t make excuses – MAKE TIME! It works wonders, trust me. Even 5 minutes a day can make a change.

Hard one, isn’t it. For most of us, who became Mothers, our bodies changed. No woman can run from it. It takes time but you have to embrace it. Work for your body, it’s yours to shape. Don’t be fooled by the marketing tricks to lose weight quickly. Do it the healthy way. When you make your body your temple, your shrine, everything else follows. Eating healthy and doing exercises will strengthen your mental health, make your body flexible and will give you much-needed Energy.

Try and build your life on joy and happiness. The happier we are, more creative we become, we become more opened to new ideas. We are a great company to be with. You know the saying: “Happy Wife, happy Life”? It’s so true, don’t you agree?

Remember, you don’t have to be a super-woman or a perfect Mother. A LOVING MOM will do wonders. 

It all starts within YOU. To learn to love yourself is the ultimate thing you can do for your children. After all, YOU are their role-model. Learn them to be happy, honest, successful by being that yourself. Respect and love for yourself reflects in respect and love in your family. Simple as that!


Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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