My daily cup of healthy


This blog post will be a quick fix and quick tip for turning your every day life on a more natural, healthy way of living..

I know there’s a million articles about it, but I just want to put out some of the things that are so easy to do and will make an instant difference. And there’s nothing complicated about it.
All women use at least one product for face, body, make up. There’s a lot of different products to choose from, so choose wisely.
– For make up start using mineral based powders. They give natural look and make you look fresh and you allow your skin to breathe. You use them in small doses, so even though you will spend a bit more money on them, they will last longer than normal powders. Make sure that powders ingredients include zink and titanium dioxide.
– One of the most popular product is lip gloss. One secret: the nicer the fragrance, the nicer the color, the better the flavour – the more chemicals there are in it!! Know this: whatever you put on your lips, you eventually eat during the day.. So, logical, you should only use lip balms that are made from ingredients that are EATABLE!
For fresh breath start using ESSENTIAL OILS mixed with water so they are not too strong.
Start buying your clothes from materials that are natural and healthy, for example from HEMP, BAMBOO or recycled materials. Make sure you wash your clothes before you wear them, so you wash off the chemicals of the clothes colors.
I just want to point out 10 ” super foods” that you can eat every day, is not expensive and you can buy it in any store.
1. GARLIC (one garlic a day is a must for building a strong immune system)
2. NUTS (any kind of nuts will do, but the best are walnuts and almonds)
3. HOT PEPPERS (even a tiny slice will make a difference in your metabolism and digest)
4. BEANS (make sure you wash it before cooking and eating – that is where the gas hides)
5. YOGURT (plain one!)
6. QUINOA (great cereal, for breakfast or lunch – prepare it like rice)
7. DARK CHOCOLATE (yes, chocolate is super food, but only the dark one , for anything over 60% cacao)
8. SALMON (make sure you buy wild caught salmon, for the irreplaceable omega 3)
9. KALE (prepare it in a salad or in a soup; think about its benefits while eating it..;you will get used to the taste of it – in a while)
10. BLUEBERRIES (great, great super food; many ways to eat them, alone, in fruit salad, baked in muffins, cakes,..)
That’s it. My quick tips for healthier life and more natural look.. try it! You just might LOVE IT!

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