PLAYGROUND – best part of learning


For kids, outdoor activities and hanging out with their friends, are probably the most important and the best time in the process of learning. Learning of motion skills, social skills, learning for life.

To let a child gain experience on their own, is an important task of us, parents. To let them freedom to explore on their own. 

We all know that climbing trees, jumping in puddle, falling, scratching, getting all part of learning, exploring, growing up. But too many times society judges this kind of behavior, but we just cannot give in to that. Healthy measure of reason is acquired but still, you have to let your child play. Trough play they are expressing their feelings, improving their motor-skills, social skills, finding friends and searching for their place in society. Weather it is in nature, on the playground or in sports.

To include your child in sports is probably the investment for their future. Especially if you have your kids at home and not in nursery or school. Because, the important thing about being included in sports activities is INTERACTION with other kids.

The one thing you have to be careful is choosing appropriate exercise and making sure that the staff is well qualified for working with children. Because they will be the reason your child will either love or hate sport.

Sport should be only on the level of PLAY as long as the child is developing. Give them a chance to try out as many sports as possible, only then they will be able to decide in which they are enjoying the most.

It’s so easy to go “off-road”, where our expectations don’t match those of our child. We become aware of it too late, that we are pushing our child on the path of our long-lost dreams and wishes.. It is hard but still we have to consciously step away and let our child decide on their own what is it that they want. Our job is to encourage them, be a role-model, support them. 

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