The role of grandparents in our lives

I am going to try something different…I will start from the end and go to the start..


I love reading blogs, posts and of course even comments. Sometimes some comments are as good or even better than the post itself. That is why, I want to start in reverse..I want to include the public opinion, as real as it gets. Not after but before I write the post. And you will be able to see, where you stand and how others feel about it.

I will let all of you create this blog post. You only write a few words… And see where it leads us..


Share your opinions, tips, experience concerning your grandparents and their role in your and your kids lives.

Here are some questions to get you started..

How do you feel about it?
How often do you visit each other?
Are you living with them? How has that worked out?
Do you feel they get to involved in your parenting ways? How do you feel about it?
How was it like for you, when you were kids? Did you spend a lot of time with your grandparents?
– …Do you agree with this quote : When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window. ~Ogden Nash
– …
– …
– …

Now, let’s get started!! 


6 thoughts on “The role of grandparents in our lives

  1. Fab idea!!
    I do not let the grandparents come in and take over. I have a certain set of rules and I am incredibly controlling, as much as I hate to admit. If I think something is in the best interest of my child, then that's the way it is. That said – my little one is only ten months old, so who knows what the future holds!
    The grandparents visit every couple of weeks, or so. I honestly wouldn't mind them coming around more often because I think family is so important. I was raised close to my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. It is natural for me to have a close family.
    While my mother in law does offer her opinion quite a bit, she knows not to push me. And really, I do value her advice. Most of the time I take it. She's got more experience in this than I do!


  2. It looks like you have it under control.;) It is probably easier to do so, since I take it, you don't live very close. I noticed a difference in attitude of my parents and my in-laws when we spend more time together. When you let them babysit your kids more often, then they get the feeling, they can involve in your parenting ways. And I try to remember how it was, when I was a kid, spending time with my grandparents.. Were my parents also so persistent in getting their ways?

    Thank you for your thoughts and opinion.. Def a good place to start a discussion..


  3. I think it's important for grandparents to be involved in children's lives. My mother-in-law lives close by and my girls spend Sundays with her (and a few of their cousins.) They go to church, do some errands, swim in her pool in the summer and then all the family gets together for dinner there.
    My parents are little farther away, but we still see them maybe once a month – more in the summer. The girls also go stay with them for a week in the summer.
    When I was a kid I remember having dinners with the family every couple of weeks. My maternal grandparents gave my mom a lot of support when my sister and I were little – grandma would come along on shopping trips to entertain us while mom got things done. My mom would gladly do the same, but I work and she lives an hour away. I think she's a little sad she's not more involved in our lives.
    I (usually) like getting the advice and suggestions from the grandparents. They've been through kids (my M-I-L had 4 and adopted one!) and marriage and all that stuff. I also think it's important for the girls to learn that every household has different rules, and how to adapt and be flexible to different schedules and expectations. Without my parents and in-laws I'm pretty sure I'd be a blubbering mess by this point with my kids! They are a lot of work…

    This is a great idea – I hope you get all the input you need! Best of luck. 😀


  4. Thank you so much for your input. You mentioned one thing that I also think is very important – to learn that different households have different rules and that you need to adapt to them.. I think that many parents tend to forget that..Don't you think';)

    All the best to you and your family!


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