Bedroom thrills- part 1


Aah.. remember the feeling when your heart starts beating fast when you see him, when he touches you, it feels like electricity running trough your body, when he kisses you, the fire is burning inside you…Yep, we have all been there, madly in love, couldn’t keep our hands of each-other, making passionate love at least once a day..

How has that been working for you in your married life, filled with kids? Not so romantic anymore? Feel that the magic might be gone from your life? Have you lost that “loving feeling”?

Let me tell you my story. It just might help someone, inspire another or just for someone’s amusement if they realize that they are doing just fine…

Me and my husband met at a salsa party in my town. He was the dance instructor and I was his student (Dirty dancing style;). It was love at first sight. We started dating and it was, well nicely put it, a very passionate relationship. Surprise, surprise, I got pregnant after just three months of knowing each-other! As you might know first-hand, being pregnant isn’t as blissful as they are describing it to be. It made an impact on our sex-life and our relationship. You see, we were still fresh in love, we wanted to keep up the pace, but as months went by, so did our bedroom activities. From our few times a day we came to few times a week and then few times a month. But we made it trough and two weeks before our first-year anniversary our baby boy was born.

So, we thought, after the baby was born, that it would all fall down to its place again. Wrong!! I will not describe to you the first two months after giving birth, cause you all know that sex is the last thing you think about. But the third month was showing some changes..Yeah, so did the ClearBlue stick, with a + on it! What?! I have to tell you, this was a shock. Another baby? Yes.

And how was our sex-life doing that second year around? Barely…even though I was healthy, without any problems. Still the hormones did their job perfectly..We were on a scale of few times in a month (count 4), while not only was I pregnant, we had a newborn in our family..But we made it… And just a few days before our son’s first birthday, our daughter was born.

So, you see, in the first two years, we were forced to accept the whole “naked” truth about each-other. We got to know each-other in the most realistic way. And somewhere along the way, the romance started to faint away.. We were so caught up in learning to be parents, that we forgot about how to be lovers, how to just be with one another.

Something was missing. Something needed to change.

I know most moms feel absolutely exhausted at evenings, especially when your kids are under one year..I know you don’t feel very attractive with your new “post-baby look”. I know you just want to go to sleep or watch a movie in peace and quiet. I know you probably have a million and one thing going trough your mind, probably none of it is taking care of your husband, right? I used to be like that. Sometimes I still am, but in a way that it doesn’t affect my marriage anymore.

What you have to know is, that everything is in your priorities. Choose your husband. It might be hard at first. I know I literally had to force myself not to fall asleep and overcome my exhaustion. But there are so many ways you can enjoy the evenings together instead of you being on one end and him on the other. And you will start noticing little changes in your connection, your energy, your communication. You will even start to notice changes on your body, your self-esteem. You will feel that tenderness again, that “loving feeling” that you’ve lost along the way..It will make you feel more like a Woman again, not “just” a mom.

Want to know some of my secrets to bring those bedroom thrills back in your life again? Just follow my blog and be the first to know, when part 2 will be published.

And just a warning, your evenings might never be the same again..

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2 thoughts on “Bedroom thrills- part 1

  1. Great post! I’m so pleased you posted on this topic. I have a bigger space between my children – 2 years between the first two and then the second was 4 when my third child was born – he is now 5. I still don’t feel like I’ve got rid of my baby body in all honesty! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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