Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…


Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who’s the fairest of them all?
I guess we all know those few lines,
but let me tell you words of mine.

As I look in the mirror
I often just smile.
I know it’s just me,
but yet I can see..

Those little things
that make me unique.
And this little things ,
they make me think…

About how happy I am
here, in this moment,
and how I’ve changed
trough years of improvement..

When I was younger,
I was careless and free.
Now, wiser and older,
with my own family tree..

And it’s this wrinkles
here, ’round my eyes,
the lovely reminders
how I love to smile!

Sparkles in my eyes,
I can still see.
Sometimes they darken
but Then I believe..

If I will continue
to be true to myself,
I can be LOVED
and LOVE I will share!

ยฉ Chilli Regina, October 2016

My Petit Canard
Prose for Thought

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