Blogg, vlogg, #tagg, like, link up, pinit, tweet, share?!! Life of a #momblogger.


I apologize for the looong headlines, but I just wanted to point out, what is it that I, we, (mom)bloggers do..I will refer to mombloggers, because that’s what I am. A mom. And a blogger. A momblogger. I have to be honest, I never thought I would be a blogger. I never even liked computers! I had a profile on Facebook just because everyone else had it, but I never used it – maybe once or twice in two years!! I even didn’t use my phone, only to call my family and my husband..Smart phone? Why on Earth would I need one?! And what the heck is hashtag?!

Yeah…don’t laugh! That was me, not long ago (8 months to be exact). And then something just hit me (actually it was Paul O’Mahony;). He introduced the world of Social Media in a very inspiring way. It made me think. It made me wonder, if this was a way for me to bring all my crazy ideas to life.. You see, I am mostly a stay at home mom (I had oportunity jobs here and there) with a need to share my knowledge, my experience and my thoughts with others. If you read my “About me“page, you’ll see what I mean. I love to write, I love to meet new people and I would love to make a difference in someone’s elses life. I have so much to share with you..

I was quite enthusiastic about it. My husband was happy for me. Again, I found something I was and still am passionate about. Even though I never thought it would be a “digital world” I will be stepping into.. And what a world it is..I was amazed by the numbers of moms that chose this path of being a professional (mom)blogger. It was inspiring and scary at the same time. It literally changed my life. I have to say that my enthusiasm droped a little and I started to question my decision. I started wondering if I was good enough, smart enough, capable enough…

How do I get noticed and not get lost in the Ocean of Blogs? It’s my fear when everything gets overwhelming. I still have so much to learn. I’m learning every day about the tools I should be using on my blog, how to best manage my Social Media platforms, searching and rolling trough posts, tagging, pinning, liking, linkink up, tweeting, sharing, doing my best. For a week now, I’ve been linking up on Linkys and to see it actually really works (my blog stats say so;), makes me extremly proud of myself!

I am constantly upgrading, changing, adding to my blog. And I don’t mind you seeing transformation of it. It guess it makes my journey even more genuine, it makes me real. The way I am.

Just yesterday I put down my goals, my vision of what I want to achieve:

  1. setting out my nieche(s) – out of my head into my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ Almost there! Exciting!!
  2. start working on monetizing my blog (will get there soon)
  3. start Youtube channel (who knows, maybe I’m the next sensation;)
  4. get Mailchimp for subscribers and design my newsletter (it will be so cool! so don’t miss it when it’s set up)
  5. start reviews (only on things I use and like and fits in my nieche)
  6. putting my vision into action (started yesterday!!)

You know, what I love about this the most? I am doing everything by myself. It’s all up to me. My words, my designs, my path, my experience, my choices. And it’s so far out of my comfort zone!! And you know what else? That I get to explain something about Social Media and blogging to my husband, who is by the way, an internet obssessed individual! Ha!

It’s a struggle, I know, but just like with any other new start in life. If I want to succeed, I have to push harder. It’s easy to give up. But what a victory it will be, when I succeed!!


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26 thoughts on “Blogg, vlogg, #tagg, like, link up, pinit, tweet, share?!! Life of a #momblogger.

  1. I can so relate to this! Actually, I am quite relieved to hear about your goals and the challenges we face as mom bloggers. The hardest part for me is learning by trial and error. I get so incredibly impatient sometimes and have to remind myself to take a breath and enjoy the process. Thanks for sharing your insights and being so honest about your vision. Supporting, promoting, and encouraging our group of talented moms is part of this amazing community of contributors. I am pleased to count you as one of my colleagues as we figure this thing out. Thanks for the inspirations!

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  2. Fabulous post yet again. I too, started to ponder whether I was able to do this after a few months into blogging. You see so many fabulous writers, excellent content and incredible pictures you wonder how you could possible do anything near. But that’s the fun thing about it being a digital world, we grow and learn every day. It’s a really healthy hobby I think. You lost at me at Mailchimp though so feel free to explain haha. I really love to go self hosted but it scares me, I wouldn’t have a clue how or where to start! Its good to have some goals in mind. Good luck x #brillblogposts



  3. I love your style of writing and I love this blog. Thanks for helping me find you by commenting on mine. I’m so new to blogging and struggle to get my page to look how I want it to, but hopefully I’ll get there. Thanks again for your comment. I’m going to follow you on Twitter now. ๐Ÿ˜˜


  4. I love how you are able to list your goals so clearly and easily. Very inspiring. I think because the digital landscape is always changing, as bloggers we have to too, and quite quickly at that if we want to keep up. #SharingtheBlogLove

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  5. I love this post – it’s so positive and inspirational. I love the excitement you have as a blogger of feeling things constantly changing and building – I don’t think you’re ever happy with things, there’s always improvements to be made. Best of luck with achieving your goals, and thank you so much for linking up to us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  6. Love this! Its great to hear how enthusiastic you are about blogging and everything that you are learning. I love blogging, I wish I had started earlier. There is so much to learn, but its great being able to do this for me. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

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  7. Regina, I loved this post. You are doing great! When I got the idea to blog nearly seven years ago, I was extremely low-tech (no-tech?) and kind of still am! I have a post about blogging I’ll be posting in about a week and a half. I usually blog about food, along with the occasional travel review, like my latest post.

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  8. I do think blogging can be really fun when you get your teeth into it – a whole new way to express yourself and connect with people and potentially make money! I also find, even amongst the ‘mummy bloggers’ there are so many different types and styles of blogs and people have such a wide range of goals. Sometimes I can feel a bit lost with all there is to do but I’m finding my own pace. I miss out lots of the stuff I ‘should’ be doing but I’ve kind of found my own style and a way of my blog working for me. Good luck with it all, it’s lovely to meet you and Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting xx

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  9. Good to ‘meet’ you here, Regina – although I’m wondering if you have an ‘About’ page – that would make for interesting reading. Wishing you all the best in your blogging journey! #WhatI’mWriting


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