In the stillness of the Night,
when everything is calm and dark,
I feel your presence, see your light,
visions of you – my dreams they mark.

Then in the Morning, when I get up,
and day-time doubts start creeping in,
I turn to you, I breathe you in,
my constant reminder to never give up.

We have walked trough the fire
even stood out in the rain.
Always there for me to inspire
and guide me trough my toughest pain.

I have watched your Magic,
time and time again.
Bringing Best from what seemed tragic,
keeping Sanity when going insane..

Turned Expectations into one’s Goals,
bring back the spirit from the lost souls.
You never give up until we Believe,
there’s nothing on this World that we can’t achieve!

With everything that Life might bring me,
I know that I am strong to cope.
No matter where the road might take me,
You will be there, my Faith, my HOPE!

© Chilli Regina, October 2016


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