Mom! Mom? Mom:)


Am I right? We hear it probably 100 times a day…But who’s counting, right?

The yelling:” MOM!!…(and then the sentence continues).
The never-ending questions that starts with:”Mom, where/what/how or the most popular why….(and the question continues).
The nice requests, with a smile on their faces, when they are in need or just realize how much you mean to them;). These are the ones that make all the previous ones worth wild.

Oh, God, sometimes it seems that MOM is the only word left on this planet! Whatever happened to the dad word? It’s there, absolutely, but saved for the special occasions. Or when mom is on a charger…

It starts in the early mornings, goes something like this:

“Mom, I have to go to pee..!”

“Mom, I’m sooo hungry!”(at 7 am!)

“Mom, he/she woke me up!”

“Mom, I want to sleep!”(when we have to go to school)

And much more, but no need to write it all down. You know it. And if I don’t react instantly, the sentence shrinks to a yelled out word – “Mom!!!!”

Well, Good morning to you too, sunshine!

Then it continues throughout the day.

Whatever question pops up in their minds, from how the Universe was created to how babies are made, mom has the answer..Or, do I? I never knew that I have so much knowledge stored in my brain, ha!

Then there are questions, well, not really questions but negotiations when something you said (probably for the hundred’s of time) isn’t quite working for your kids. They usually start with a stronger note in their voice : “Mom!, why do I have to…” Yes, this are the most popular ones. And probably the most annoying ones..Yes, and they lead to arguments, bad mood and mom turning into momzilla..Go figure!

And of course, let us not forget, that Mom is responsible for all the things that are gone missing in the house! apparently I stock socks, toys, documents, keys…in my closet! (ahhh) This kind of questions are frequently asked not only by my kids but also by my husband. So, how many kids do I really have? I wonder sometimes…

Of course, Mom is also the main nurse of the house. The word Mom at that point is irreplaceable. Sometimes I wonder, if there is an end to what a mom is capable of doing. Having a sick-day herself? Remind me, how does that work, again?

It wraps up in the evening, when it’s time to go to bed.

I’m quite lucky, because my kids are really good when going to bed. No argument, just a simple, nice request: “Mom, please, come to tuck us in and sing a lullaby.” And I do.

It can be quite exhausting to be called out so many times. But let’s admit, we kind of like it. We’re quite addicted to it. Honestly, how would you feel, if your kids would be calling out Dad every time they call you? Maybe it would be great for a day, but then I bet, we would all miss it. Yes, we’re strange. Complain on one hand but can’t live without it on the other. Because that’s who we are. Mothers. We are the ones, since the beginning of time, who take care, who help, who love, who understand, who hope.

Someone, who will answer every time her child calls out Mom…

Have to go, someone just lost one sock again…??!!

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9 thoughts on “Mom! Mom? Mom:)

  1. I don’t think it’ll end anytime soon…the first person I call when the kids have a mysterious illness, or if I can’t remember how to make that amazing recipe, or (yes I have done this) when I was broken down on the motorway…yep you guessed it…MUM!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub


  2. For ages, my daughter would only ever say papa and I even asked a health visitor if it was normally that she didn’t say ‘maman’ yet when she was 18 months. Roll forward and she’s nearly 2 and it’s ALL I HEAR! She even shouts it when I’m sitting right next to her! Give us strength 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

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  3. Lovely post! Starting to sound familiar. My daughter is only 20 months but she’ll yell “Mummy” for snacks / fixing things / a drink / when she’s bored / when I’m doing something she doesn’t approve of. Then she’ll yell “Daddy” for cuddles and fun time. I guess I’ll take what I can get 😉 #CoolMumClub


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