Let’s get Mommylicious!


Don’t get scared, don’t stop now, you are here – so hear me out!

This post I decided to write as a preview of what’s to come next on my blog. And hopefully you’ll join me, for it will be a fun and exiting ride.

You probably all know (otherwise it’s clear from my blog posts) I am a mother of two. What you probably don’t know, is that I was aerobic and dance instructor and would still be, if there hadn’t been for my back injury.

Short inside before kids:

I became aerobic instructor in my early 20s. There was this amazing workout called Fly box. When I became instructor of this workout, I started improving it, by adjusting it to different types of women and their level of fit. It was a hit and I loved every minute of it. I loved to push women to their limits and beyond, even though sometimes there were words like “You’re crazy! You’ll kill me!” but they kept on going to my classes;).

Shape your curves, embrace your body, be healthy

I must tell you that even though I was working out every day, I was never a typical aerobic instructor, all muscles no curves. Oh no, I was curvy, still am and my booty has been following me forever and has no plan of ever saying goodbye, it seems. But that’s OK.

After kids  you know that your body changes big time. It’s probably not just because of giving birth but it is also the woman’s age that plays a role in this transformation as well. I noticed that after 30 it is a struggle to get those few pounds off, right?

We, mothers, are special “creatures”. Our body goes trough a lot of changes, when being pregnant, giving birth, gaining weight, losing weight, hormones up, hormones down, breastfeeding, no sleep,… And these are just physical changes, we go trough. What about psychological ones?! So, expecting we would somehow be the same as we were before kids is quite unreal, don’t you think? And why should we go back? We only get bitter, trying to fit in our jeans we bought 10 years ago. And we’re gaining weight instead of losing it, just because we don’t embrace the changes our body went trough.

I know how weight loss looks like when you’re a mom. You decide one day that you’ve had enough of your extra inches and start working out. Even take a class or two, go spinning, on Zumba, jogging, yoga,…You take on a diet. But it just doesn’t hold up, does it? And you try again after a few months, when kids are a bit older, when you have more time,..But that day keeps slipping away..Taking care of your family and taking care of yourself just doesn’t seem to be adding up. Why?

I was there too, gaining weight, being ashamed of my body, feeling tired, no energy, stocking jeans from 8 years ago, saying in 3 months I will wear them again..I never did…But I knew I have to change something. So, I changed my way of thinking. I was looking in the mirror, really looking at my body. Without shame, without guilt, without bitterness. Miracle happened. Curves became my storytellers of the things I went trough.. Every inch of them was there for a reason. I started loving those inches. Guess what happened? They started saying goodbye, giving space for a new chapter in my Book of life.

You see, when you accept, you move on. Changes come when you least expect them to. So take the pressure of some ideal body image away! You have your body and you have the power to do anything you want with it. But start loving it first. If you love your kids, how can you not love yourself, your body, that gave birth to them??!!

If I can do it, so can you! So, start today. Look in the mirror and stay there as long as you have to. Then wear your body with confidence. And then it will be time to look at my YouTube channel, where we will start sharpening and shaping our lovely curves. Why? Because it will be FUN! Everything else will be a side effect!;))

So are you ready? Let’s get Mommylicious!

Put it in your dictionary!

Mommyliciousa woman, a mom, with a high self-awareness and body-confidence that she looks absolutely delicious and with the power to achieve everything she sets her mind to.

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14 thoughts on “Let’s get Mommylicious!

  1. Great post lovely. It’s important for be fit BUT happy and confident with yourself. Pregnancy and breastfeeding changes your body so much but if you can appreciate this and be happy with it – life is so much easier. Good luck and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this and I am totally there! After years of struggling with body image, I am finally accepting myself and learning to take care of myself as a result. Down 37.5 lbs and smaller than I was pre-pregnancy… I am still not where I’d like to be but I’ve come a long way!
    Looking forward to those YouTube vids!! xo


  3. This is wonderful. I have just started to embrace my curves (and muffin top haha!) and I am so much happier already! I can’t help but feel if you’re going to dislike me because I carry a bit of chub, you’re not worth my time anyway. Any my husband loves my body, so why am i bothered?! #bloggerclubuk


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