As the Halloween is coming our way, my rhymes are inspired by it. Images of it were my first association when reading the prompt TRICK. Hopefully my rhymes bring you a few laughs reading them..

I have a Trick!

It’s in my Hat!

But, where’s the hat?

On a head of a black cat?!

So, wait a minute or wait for two,

I think I saw dark angel too…

I have to run and catch the Witch!

Oh, please don’t think that I’m a b…(whoops)

Zombies here, vampires there!

My pants shake as they all just stare!

And cut-up pumpkins everywhere.

God, it’s such a mess out there!!

I have prepared my pumpkin pies,

ghost muffins and some spiders, flies..

Candies, lollipops and some gum,

Yes, now it’s time I have some RUM!!

The cat came back! So did my hat!

The hat I’m putting on my head.

This hat is all that I will wear,

So now it’s time for you to stare!

That was my Trick,

you got a Treat..

The morning after – empty street..

But wait – your head still has a stick!!

Oh Halloween, you’re such a p…! (haha)

© Chilli Regina, October 2016

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

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