As my birthday approaches, I started thinking about my journey, a journey that led me to this moment in time, to this place in space, where I feel that everything is just how it’s supposed to be.

I try to live by:


Our journeys began and will probably end the same way, but what’s in between – that is what counts and everyone has their own story to tell.

This is my story, of short but true;)

At first there was nothing,

at first there was dark.

Then came the light, with light came my life..

A little girl is born to this world,

she grows and she learns as years unfold.

She wishes, she hopes, dreams and desires,

becoming a woman –  embracing her powers.

Love of one man has made her a Wife

and turned upside down what was of her life.

From this same love, two new lights were born,

they made her a Mother with a whole lot to learn.

She’s in her 30’s going on strong,

doing her best, admitting her wrongs.

Where her story ends, nobody knows.

She lives and she laughs and oh, how she loves.

What I’ve learned so far about this journey we call Life:

  • Don’t be afraid to live!
  • Take chances! How else will you know?
  • Life takes us trough various stages and each one teaches us something new, gives us meaning, makes us wiser, stronger.
  •  Even when you feel like the world is going down on you or you feel like you’re running in circles, there is a meaning in it. There’s something you need to learn in order to move on.
  • Life has to take us trough the rain and the pain. We have to get wet and we have to slip and fall. We have to hurt. It’s the only way we learn how to get back up, stand up and stand tall, get stronger, be tougher.
  • Don’t worry so much. It’s a sign of fear. So, don’t fear life. Everything happens with a reason. You know, door closes, window opens…
  • Don’t be passive! Be active! Have plans, have dreams, have hope! But don’t give up or give in if something doesn’t go to plan – your plan. There is a plan that is above yours and sometimes you just have to trust in greater cause..
  • Don’t limit yourself with fear of failure.
  • Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help! It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.
  • Love! Open-hearted, open-minded, unconditionally. This kind of love moves mountains and makes miracles.
  • Don’t judge. It’s your insecurity speaking..
  • Give your all, try your best. Go all the way.
  • And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, Life will surprise you over again!:)

Most of the times I live by this wisdom I’ve learned . But sometimes life just gets the best of me. And this is when I need my family the most. My kids to light up my days, my husband to kiss away the pain and my parent’s hug, where for a minute I become their little girl with no worries in the world.

Now I’m in my 30’s, going on 40’s and I can honestly say that it’s the time of my life. I hope it lasts for a long, long time..

So, happy birthday to me!;) 36 steps conquered, __ more to go;)

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17 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Beautiful. I really agree with the part about ‘Don’t judge’. At 35 I think I’ve never been happier, and more accepting of myself and my life. It’s all too easy to get drawn in to being a bit judgemental about others, but it’s so refreshing and liberating to be the one to bring conversations back above the line.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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  2. Ahhh I adore your poem. It’s so sweet & so lovely. I really like how you refer to each birth as a new light, that is so true & beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK x


  3. Love all of these you wise lady especially to go be active and follow your heart and not speaking badly of others. Was your birthday on the 16th like mine too? Are we birthday sisters? I wrote a post on what I’d learnt at 35 last year too and shot a video-love looking back at these posts to track my own journey. Loved this so much. Happy birthday xx

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