Take is a word with so much to take,

with take you can fake, you can make or you break.

It is such a word that can’t live on its own.

Hand in hand with word give as it is well-known.

Taking is easy, at first it feels good,

but after a while you think that you should

give something back, whatever you could.

It feels so much better as you knew it would.

There are moments in life worth taking for.

Like taking your ring, taking your love.

There’s nothing in this life we cannot take.

If we give to each-other, be real, never fake.

Take what life gives you and make it your own.

Don’t take it for granted, be thankful, stay strong.

When darkness arrives or you get stuck at a milestone,

please take my hand, nothing in return, won’t leave you alone.

So, take me for a ride,

take me somewhere new.

Where we go side by side

never loosing us two.

© Chilli Regina, November 2016


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