My Top 4 Blogging-monsters to overcome


Before I started blogging, I was quite clueless about the digital world, as you know, if you’ve read my previous blog post on how I started my journey. I was surfing trough different pages, blogs, sites and what I’ve noticed was, that no matter the content that site was about, many of them had some blog tips to share. I was amazed that all of these people learned so much about it, they could pass the knowledge on to others. They were all experts to me. I thought I could never learn it, yet alone write about it. For me, it was an unknown world of digital chaos.

When you decide to blog, you enter a world of endless possibilities, a world of countless amount of content, words, numbers, tips, tricks, advises, people. You enter a world that is constantly changing, upgrading, refreshing, restoring. And you have to keep up the pace in order to make it. To get noticed. To be heard. To not get swallowed by the mass of data.

It’s quite a scary world, putting it that way. God knows, there are times when it would be so much easier to just press Erase, Cancel, Delete. It gets overwhelming, especially if some sneaky little monsters start to get the best of you…Just remember, you can overcome them, learn from them, and turn them into challenges that push you to be better, work harder, get stronger.

My top 4 “blogging-monsters” and how to overcome them:

  • Stats

You gave it your all – to your posts, the content, your social media channels. You feel like this is it, the breaking moment you’ve been waiting for, when your blog’s stats will go crazy, followers number skyrocket. You wait and wait and wait a bit longer (for Australia to wake up!), you wait (cause in USA it’s just early morning) and wait and …. Nothing happens! What?! Why?! How?! Close the computer for the rest of the day…

Overcoming Stats: Consistency. Posting, posting, posting. Don’t stop. Don’t get depressed. You have to earn your audience. It can take only one great post on one great Liky that will set your stats into motion. And if you have higher number in comments than in your stats, focus on your comments. Read what your audience is writing to you, comment back, be engaged with them. Read what you mean to them, how they see you… For me, that is far more rewarding than high stats. They will come in time, but knowing that I make a difference – priceless.

  • Comparison

Another little monster that eats away your confidence. You think to yourself, why keep going, when there are thousands of them that are doing the same thing but like a hundred times better than you (you look at their stats of course, where they have over 20K followers and making 1000$ with their blog, their posts are popular, they are popular, where as for you – you have maybe 1k followers and struggling with writing, posting on SM, trying to get your first review..).

Overcoming Comparison: You are unique! No one else has the experience you have! The knowledge you’ve learned, the skills that you have, assets you possess. We all have to start somewhere. Don’t compare, look up to those who are successful, get inspired by them. They have worked their asses off to be where they are. Hard work pays off. If I can do it, so can you and if you can do it, so can I.

  • Endless learning

Right, ha?! It just doesn’t end!!! Learn how to write, learn when to post, learn how to post on SM, learn to connect, learn to monetize, learn to design, learn to schedule, learn about FB, learn about joining groups,… Why the hell did I go to school for 20 years or so?!!

Overcoming Learning: Don’t get ahead of yourself. One step at a time. There are million things to learn and million things will change. Make a plan, what you want to learn and what you need to learn in order to make progress. Know what works for you – like having a Facebook day or Facebook hour/day. Schedule – just like in good old school, remember?;)

  • Writing black-out

You write and you write and then comes a day when you run dry. The words don’t feel right, the content is useless, un-relatable, un-sharable, title just isn’t working. You are just out of ideas.

Overcoming writing black-out: Let it go. Take a break. Do stuff. Read and get inspired. Try new things. Or just write about your blockade, your running dry on ideas, your empty head, your losing of words. It just might be a great post to share. And it just might bring some new ideas… Just don’t over analyze it and get to caught up in it.

What are your blogging-monsters and your techniques to overcome them? Let us know!


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31 thoughts on “My Top 4 Blogging-monsters to overcome

  1. Oh yes, so much to learn!! I’m glad I found Linkys, they are such a great way to connect with others. Mine is being able to clearly articulate my thoughts. Not sure how to overcome that one yet; I’m working on it 🙂 #DreamTeam

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    • Yeap, Linkys rock;)) Practice makes all the difference in writing and articulating thoughts. If I look back on my first posts there’s a huge difference. And it’s only been 5 months! Imagine my writing in 3 years! I could write a book;))

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  2. When I started I was obsessed with stats, then it started to get to me so I stopped looking, focused on linkies and then like two weeks later I forgot I hadn’t checked in ages and I had got over 500 visitors and over 1000 page views.
    I think the main focus should be like you say; the readers, their comments and building friendships with the readers!
    #dreamteam #twinklytuesday

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  3. Great post sharing the things all of us bloggers have to go through. I think I definitely need to come up with some sort of plan regarding learning things so that it fits into my time management schedule. Otherwise things do sometimes start to feel overwhelming when you’re trying to keep up with everything!


  4. Great post! I am very laid back when it comes to stats and views and comparing my blog to others. I blog because I love to write, that means I can be oblivious to all of the ins and outs of blogging and simply do what I love. #dreamteam

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  5. This is a great post! A very true and realistic account of what bloggers have to go through at some point. The worst thing to do is make comparisons. Take inspiration but don’t compare 🙂


  6. I still think I am overcoming these. I really need to learn more and do a bit more with my blog but it’s having the time. With 2 little ones it won’t happen unless I stay up very late!! Stats I try not to worry about – they change all the time. Great post and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x


  7. Really needed to read this as the past few weeks I have found myself get down about my blog because I keep getting obsessed and I also compare myself to other bloggers but I just need to remember not to do that. #GlobalBlogging

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  8. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been blogging in earnest now for four months and you are so right when you say, there’s so much to learn. Funnily enough, I did make a list of some of the things I wanted to learn and have managed to get those bits under my belt now, but still lots more. Linkys are fantastic, I don’t know what I did without them. Such a great and helpful post for all of us, thank you #bestandworst x


  9. Ah yes we all have blogging monsters. Mine are very much the same as yours. I’m particularly getting annoyed with PR’s at the moment. They email to introduce and ask if I’d be interested. I reply asking for more details and then there’s nothing. I try not to get hung up on it as I know that the decent, reliable ones will always get back in touch, but it’s so frustrating!
    Great post #twinklytuesday


  10. Thanks for sharing your blogging monsters with the #DreamTeam. I think we all have little hiccups every now and again when it comes to blogging. I agree that there are so many opportunities out there, and it can be hard to not compare yourself to others. I always think that it’s key to remember why you blog 😉


  11. This is a great list I’ve learned a lot when I entered the blogging world as well. My one tip is no matter what write for you. Even if your submitting any posts to publications always write from your heart. 😊


  12. Ah yes the never ending learning curve, it feels like I can never do enough! Lol which is why, like you say, sometimes we need to take a break and get inspired elsewhere. Great post and thanks so much for linking up with #GlobalBlogging!


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