Walking trough forest and plains of  my world

I feel so blessed and happy and loved.

I hear the whispers in gentle breeze,

speak of a world beyond the pine trees.

I know that one day you’ll come along,

the world will go on, birds singing their song.

I try to imagine how it would be,

open my mind and try to see…

In the stillness of the night, in the blink of an eye

You may appear with your shining light..

I never could tell and no one to prove,

are you just a ghost, an illusion of move…

Before I can see you, I feel your strength.

Warming, enchanting – that is your intent.

I know why you came.I know why you’re here.

That’s who you are – that’s why you appear…

Slowly descending to me, to the ground.

I feel your hand, your steps make no sound.

My mind is at ease, my body so light.

I close my eyes, you’re shining so bright.

Leaving the World, leaving my life

saying goodbye to all that were mine…

You are the Messenger and the Message is clear –

slowly in your arms I disappear.

Please do remember, I will come to you,

 stand right beside you, guiding you trough –

the sadness, the tears, the pain and the fear.

In the bright ray of light – know I am near.

© Chilli Regina, November 2016



Writing Bubble

10 thoughts on “Messenger

  1. This is such a lovely soothing poem. Just what I needed. It fits well with the message of my latest post too – the power of art to heal. Thanks for sharing with #WhatImWriting

    Liked by 1 person

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