happybirthdayRemember what it feels like, laying in the grass beneath the sun?

Imagining beautiful shapes of clouds, having fun..

Remember that soothing sound of breeze when no one’s around?

Remember the smile on your face, when you saw a big balloon or a funny clown?

When the moon is shining bright on a starry sky,

do you wish upon a star or does it all just pass you by?

When you see a child, watching something with enthusiasm,

do you feel the same or are your eyes darkened by sarcasm?

Life has a funny way of showing its wonders, visible only to ones who seek…

With an open heart – to lovers, the ones that are strong not weak, are unique.

Life can get tough, ruthless and sad,

just one second chance is all that we ask.

At first we appreciate it but soon we forget,

start take things for granted and never look back.

That is the reason some may just say

their life isn’t worth it, it’s boring and gray.

If you don’t appreciate the gifts you receive,

please, start to remember and try to believe…

Only the little things woven in your life

are what makes you great, what keeps you alive!

So, appreciate and you will see, all the wonders life has for thee…

© Chilli Regina, November 2016

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17 thoughts on “Appreciate

  1. Great reminder to us all to appreciate what we have. I love the line about the child ‘watching with enthusiasm,’ really struck a chord with me. Kids are great and I love watching their faces when they see something for the first time, or are totally engrossed in something, it’s captivating. Thanks for sharing #weekendblogshare x


  2. Beautiful poem and such a wonderful sentiment. Yesterday I briefly went into the garden. It was a cold winters day but I could feel some rare winter sun warming my back. So I stood for a minute and enjoyed it. This poem makes me think of that moment! #DreamTeam


  3. “Life has a funny way of showing its wonders, visible only to ones who seek…
    With an open heart”
    I love that line, and as we come to the end of a difficult year I think it’s something we could all do well to hold on to… xx


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