Top 10 blogging tips to grow your blog as a “newbie”

These are tips for (mom)bloggers, who want to grow their blog, in order to be in position, where they can go pro and start making an income or for those who are happy just by blogging itself and sharing their stories with the rest of the world.

Either way – hope it helps!:)

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In one of my previous post I was writing about overcoming my so-called “blogging monsters”. I was relieved that so many of you feel pretty much the same about it. It gives me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

I am still a “newbie” when it comes to blogging. I read just the other day, that it takes 6 years to really accomplish great things as a blogger. Wow! I am 5 months in… I feel like a little chicken, compared to the rosters that are out there! So, my intention is not to be a “smart ass”, pretending to know all about blogging and how to succeed at it. I can’t. Perhaps I never will. But I just want to share my observations and things I’ve learned (but not yet necessarily did!) with my fellow “newbies” as there are so many of us!

No.1 Make a plan, stick with it, but don’t be afraid of changes!

Write down what you like, love, are passionate about, are good at. Make a general plan of how you’ll present it to your readers. Find your own style, your path, articulate your thoughts. Make a plan of how you want your blog site to look like. Leave a bit of room to upgrade it. As your blogging days go by, you discover new things about yourself, about others, you get new ideas, better ones. Let others know about that, let your readers see you grow.

No.2 Stay true to yourself, be honest, write about the things you love

What more can I say? This goes out to the times, when you decide to review products, solutions, guest post… Write about the things you, yourself (would) love, buy, use, apply…It’s the experience readers are looking for in this kind of posts, so don’t let them down.

No.3 Write relatable posts

If you want to grow your audience, if you want your followers number to go higher, you have to write relatable posts. Absolutely, write about what you are passionate about, but try to see it trough the eyes of your readers. What would they like to know, read, understand? And a bit of humor never hurt anyone, right?

No.4 Be consistent

Consistency in publishing posts is a must. At least two posts per week, if – you are statistics fan and you want to be “in the game”. If you take a break, let your readers know that, nothing wrong with that. Consistency goes out to SM as well.

No.5 Join the world of Linkys! and find your tribe!

Yes! The wonderful world of Linkys! It changed my life! Find them, join them, and you will never be alone again (but make sure you follow No.6 and No.7!!). Finding your blogging friends – your tribe, is one of the best things (at least for me). The support, advises, tips, tricks, acceptance. Hmm, maybe this should be No.1!

No.6 Be Social

You cannot be a blogger without Social Media. So, when making a plan, create SM accounts too. Even before you create your blog site! The must have SM for bloggers: FB-bussiness page!, Twitter, Pinterest. And then choose some more from the ocean of SM as you prefer… And then, be social! Your posts mean nothing without sharing them on SM. Learn about the SM you’re using and take your time. There’s so much to learn about it, so make sure you do it step by step and not all at once! And one more tip: follow, follow, follow and interact, in order to get followed!!

No.7 Don’t be a cheater! Interaction makes reaction!

This is a chain reaction. You share and get shared. You follow and you get followed. You like and they like you back. You share blog love, they share yours. Make small talk within groups, comment, start a discussion, share your experience, ask for help. Don’t just post and run. You’re getting the short cut here.

No.8 Schedule your to-do lists

Absolutely!! Once you enter the world of blogging, you soon realize that there are gazillion things to learn and that everything is changing constantly. About designing your template, your posts, your pictures, about linking up, sharing your links. And don’t even get me started on Social Media platforms! – how, when, why, .. And then when you decide to monetize your blog – say what? So schedule, don’t rush, don’t try to learn everything at once, BECAUSE YOU  JUST CAN’T!!

No.9 Get out there and make yourself visible

Don’t wait for companies to come to you for reviews, guest posts,…Introduce yourself, let them know you’re here, what you’re about, let them get to know you! You just might be the one they are looking for!

No.10 Take on Affiliate programs 

I am in this position right now, applying affiliate programs. When you have a clear idea of what you want to do with your blog, becoming an affiliate is a step further, if you want to start making money with it. But we come here back to No.2! Choose only a few (2-3) affiliate programs and see how they work out for you.

More about Affiliates in my next blogging post!! Till then – happy blogging time!!:))

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66 thoughts on “Top 10 blogging tips to grow your blog as a “newbie”

  1. these are some great tips for mum’s who are starting out as bloggers, especially about the staying rue to yourself with your writing. It can be tempting to try and copy the style of successful bloggers – but no-one wants to read a copy! #eatsleepblogRT


    • Take time with FB. Few tips – join FB groups that you think will help you with your blog, interact within those groups, like ask questions, give advice, share content and post your posts. Make yourself a bussiness page, like other pages with your bussiness page and send messages with your link. On FB share your thoughts, fears, questions, not just posts. Hope I helped:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve laid it all out much more clearly than I ever could and my blogs been going for nearly 4 years. Well done you! I don’t do a quarter of what i ‘should’ and have hired someone to help with this now. I hope you have loads of success and the No.1 is the most important for me. Jo x #AnythingGoes


  3. I absolutely love this I can relate as I’ve only been writing for over a month now. Great content and that’s for the reminder to write what I love most!
    Happy blogging


  4. This is fab. Grest tips. I started my blog in September and I’m still as confused as I was the day I signed up. I love it though and cannot wait to see where my blogging journey takes me.


  5. It can be so overwhelming and even though I’ve been doing this for a while now I’m still learning every day! These are handy tips to remember whatever stage you’re at. It’s easy to forget to do the stuff that should come second nature when you can get caught up in other stuff too. Great post. #anythinggoes


  6. These are great tips, thank you! I’ve been writing a while but only made the decision to put them on a site about a month ago. Really struggling to get people reading and my instagram does my head in. Feel like it’s always 1 step forward and 2 steps back!


    • I think it can get confusing sometimes when you start. The hundreds and thousands of readers don’t come over night and you have to work hard to achieve it. So set mini goals you can reach and you will feel stronger, and it will give you the strenght, will and the power to go on and become better and better and better;))


  7. I must admit I’m not the best at socialising, I try my best on Instagram and twitter (likes and retweets can be done whilst feeding the baby a bottle resting it with your chin right??)
    I’m on a free WordPress site and really want to start self hosting so I’m dropping major Christmas present hints to hubby for the cash haha! I’m so clueless as to affiliates, I’m thinking I’ll get self hosting first- then test the waters!! As you say – you can’t learn and do everything at once! #anythinggoes


  8. Such an honest post that i can really relate too, i’ve been blogging for just over a year and have my ups and downs but still love it and my reader must love it cuz they keep coming back. realistic goals is the one thing i would add, i love my goal and inspiration ideas days! thanks for sharing and i’ll go find you on Twitter! #EatSleepBlogRT


    • Yes, there are. But knowing that we’re all in this together, trying our best and helping each-other along the way, makes it so much easier and fun to do it!:))Congrats on your post! I+ll go and read it;)


  9. Really interesting post. I have been blogging for nearly six months and only recently came across linkys! So I’m a bit of a slow developer I think. I do Twitter but no other social media yet – I need to get to grips with it all. Well done for doing it all so quickly! #CoolMumClub


  10. Really helpful tips! I’ve only been blogging a month and sometimes I feel like I’ve just turned up at a party uninvited and I don’t know anybody. Everyone is so friendly and supportive though, which is lovely. #brillblogposts


    • It can be overwhelming, agree. But if you give and not just take, the doors to the party are wide open for you!:) You don’t need to know everybody, make a few connections that are important and will make a difference for you and them!;)

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow, you are going to go far girl! Don’t forget us all when you are up in the top bloggers gang 😉 Looking forward to the affiliates piece – I still can’t get my head round that and I’m coming up to 18 months in!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub 🙂


  12. I am still feeling so overwhelmed. I was so organised, methodical in my real life job this is just another league, the technology the social media there is so much to do on top of writing and commenting. Your tips are great and I can’t believe you are only 5 months in! Did you do it in a former life? #MarvMondays

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Number 2 is my mantra. As long as I’m writing about what I love then I will never resent my blog for becoming a chore. I look forward to reading more about affiliates. Thanks for the tips!


  14. Im i month four and loving blogging! Definitely finding a tribe has been my biggest achievement i think! The blogspgere is such an amazing and supportive community to be part of… I am looking to make a living from blogging but aware that it takes time to taking baby steps! I am affiliate for a couple of sits but haven’t seen any revenue yet… hoping to branch out but working full time too takes is toll on my blog… time is key… not getting disappointed if it doesn’t flourish straight away! Our time will come ❤ great tips thank you ❤ #thelist


  15. Sounds like you’ve learnt loads already! Really useful advice here for bloggers, especially the part about writing what you love and being true to yourself. x #TheList


  16. Great post, I completely agree with all of these! One thing that I am terrible at still is giving my readers a heads up if/when im going to take a break. Usually because its unscheduled! Definitely something to get better at.. I havent really thrown myself into the world of affiliate programmes properly yet. I joined a couple proabably around a year ago but then stopped after a month or two so im really interested to read what you make of it, and hopefully learn something new too 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


  17. Aha I wrote my blogging tips post for my third blogiversary recently and even then I felt like a fraud doing it. I totally admire newbies who write tips posts so soon after blogging and I can really see the value in it. People are always hungry for info and some of this is sound advice for sure. Welcome to the blogosphere and good luck! #coolmumclub


    • Yes, I can agree with you that writing tips can sometimes be a bit tricky. But I’m trying to be honest about it and just keep my readers engaged and letting them see my progress and process of blogging and if it helps someone my work is done.. Don’t want to be some “smart ass” or “know-it-all” as I said in the post, as we all learn and achieve goals in different ways…thank you for your comment!


  18. I will say that the “be social” advice is true for sure. My follower count only started to increase when I started checking out what my fellow bloggers were doing and supporting them. In the blogging world, you spread love to get love. Thanks for sharing


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  20. Thanks so much. I just started blogging (baby blogger) and have so much I want to post. I am excited but am trying to follow the process. This gave such valuable advice. I hope to find a blogging tribe that can help me wade through the murky waters that is social media. I look forward to following this blog in the future.


  21. I just posted my first blog post last night and it was a huge hit! Now I’m trying to learn more about the blogging world and getting out there more! This post really helped me out a lot! Thank you!


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