Perfect scent of Christmas


It’s the time of the year, when it’s all about Christmas and of course christmas gifts. We can get quite overwhelmed by the variety of gift ideas to choose from. I try to choose my gifts, so that they are:

  • practical/useful
  • are escape from the world of worry and stress
  • healthy
  • natural (if we are talking about skin products)
  • smell nice:)
  • makes me and my loved ones happy

So, in this post I will share with you 6 of my favourite gift packs that are just perfect if you want your gifts to bring christmas joy to your friends and family.

No.1 Essential oils 

Do you know what is No.1 in reducing stress? You guessed it – essential oils! Breathing in the scent of essential oil calms your mind, relaxes your body and has a healing effect. You can use them for aromatherapy, for baths, as inhalers and they are perfect in times of seasonal changes, to prevent cold and coughs. And they smell soooo good, don’t they! So, you really cannot miss with this gift!

These are the essential oils, 100%natural and have 6 different blends: for Detox, Relax, Harmonise, Rejuvenate, Sleep Well and Muscle Relief.

No.2 Aromatherapy oil diffuser

This is perfect, if you are thinking of buying essentials oils for aromatherapy! If you or your loved ones practice yoga, you should definitely have a diffuser. It just takes yoga to a whole different level! But also, yoga or no yoga, this is perfect winter gift as you can enjoy the pleasures of healing effects of essential oils!

Here is aromatherapy diffuser, that has natural look, so it can become irreplaceable home decor.

No.3 Natural hand and foot nourishing cream

What is No.1 irritating problem that most of us have when the cold weather kicks in? Dry hands and feet. So, here you have the perfect solution for it! when choosing this creams, I always make sure they are organic and natural, otherwise we didn’t do much for our skin. They must heal not only nourish our hands and feet, and those cracked heels!

So, I found this best-selling natural/organic hand and feet cream, that is just what I was looking for! If you, your friends or family have this kind of problems, the solution is here!

No.4 Natural Lip balm

Another essential that can never be a bad gift! I have dry lips and lipstick can only make it worse. Most of the lip balms aren’t what they are supposed to be. Especially the ones of beautiful colors and smells. I found out that they have so much chemistry in them it made me trow them all away. Lip balm should nourish, moisture and heal.

Here are natural and organic lip balms, that have no artificial colors or flavours. This pack makes a perfect gift!

No.5 Natural Body lotion

I just love this kind of gifts. I always use them, they come in perfect time, when our skin needs extra care and pampering. I never buy body lotions for myself when winter comes, as I know I will be getting it for Christmas!:) It really can be a perfect gift, but make sure that products are natural and organic made!

This Natural Shea Butter Body Lotions Gift seems like that perfect gift!

No.6 Total body care – winter gift pack

Let’s face it – as moms we rarely take time-out and enjoy moments just by ourselves. So, if we get a gift like total body care pack, I’m sure we will all take the time and try it out! When it’s cold outside and the kids are asleep, fill up the bath and choose one of the product from the package, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful scent of oils and butters! How much better than this can it get? If you have a friend that needs relaxing and some alone time, you have it!

This gift pack comes from Bomb cosmetics, that are just amazing (go to their site). It is truly the ultimate christmas gift, and it includes 2 bath blasters, bath mallow, bath creamer and a soap slice. Enjoy!

This post contains my Affiliate links, which means I receive a bit of money if you make a purchase using the above links. But it won’t affect you or your payment in any way, truly! I want you to know that I only affiliate link to products I use, love and want myself. 

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20 thoughts on “Perfect scent of Christmas

  1. I love anything that has to do with scents, lotions and creams. These are all great gift ideas. I was recently given Peppermint Oil for my headaches, and it actually works (I was a bit of a non-believer), essential oils here I come! Thanks for sharing #globalblogging


  2. The Bomb cosmetics sounds like a great little gift! I also love all the hand lotion and body lotion, can I get this for myself? Lol would be great for my mom though : ). Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!


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