The naked truth 1: about #blogging

So, I decided to write series of posts, called The naked truth. The series will be revealing all of the hidden and unspoken thoughts that go trough our my minds when a certain obstacle in life appears and the road becomes bumpy and curvy…

Today’s feature is #Blogging! If you read my blog (don’t know why not), you know my writing mostly has a positive tone, helping with advice from my experiences, on how to handle situations and not be too stressed about it. Here’s where you’ll be able to see the back stage of it all.

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No.1 WHY on Earth did I choose blogging as a JOB?! Free time my ass!!

If you’re blogging for fun, posting once a week, having a ball, going to work – whoop, well done. But, if you decided to go pro, well that’s a whole different story you’re writing! Be afraid, be very afraid, as you will not have a spare time anymore. If you’re not actually writing, applying or monetizing, you are definitely THINKING about it – round the clock. It’s like a obsession, I tell you! So, like Celine Dion said it – “Baby think twice!”

No.2 Is there NO ENDING to what I need to be doing/learning??!!

My darlings, the answer is NO. No ending what so ever! And once you’ll learn, there will be available updates waiting just for you! Happy blogging, what can I say?!

No.3 Really, how much MORE mombloggers does the world NEED?!!

The question is meant for ME! I mean, really? Not meant as an insult, but it really makes my path to success so much harder! as the competition is incredible!! Why do you all have to be so darn fabulous??!! I don’t see 500.000 people applying for the same firm in real life, do you?!

No.4 BURN laptop BURN!

Sometimes it gets to a point where it comes down to me or laptop – who will survive? Oh, my dear “lappy”, don’t you know, there’s a button on you that stops it all?

No.5 My head will explode, my eyes are twitching, my neck is a wreck!

Sometimes I feel like a hundred years old, nagging about my pain in the neck, and my twitching eyes, I’m always cold and I could sware my ass has a shape of my chair!!

No.6 WHY won’t you answer my e-mails??!! 

Don’t you just hate when your mails are not being answered? I do. And after all, it’s about their products, their publicity, their offer!

No.6 Comment, comment, comment – it’s freaking lunch by the time I’m done!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for sharing and retweeting and reposting. But, let’s face it – sometimes you just get fed up by it! And being authentic and original in your comments really requires a LOT of energy! I never just want to say :”Great post. Thanks for sharing! #Linky.” Why would you do that? Everyone tries hard to write a post that is meant for us, readers. So, put some energy into commenting. But really, it’s up to me in the end, on just how many Linkys I share my post! I guess 15 is over sharing?;)

No.7 My dear Stats, my dear stats, how are you? Please go up, please go up! How do you do? I love you! (sing with the melody of the finger family)

If you’ve read my previous posts on blogging, you know that stats really are the “blogging monsters” to overcome. And I’m doing the best I can, but damn it, sometimes just gets to me, to not see results I hoped for! Maybe singing the song will help?!

No.8 Hey you! I wanted to write that post! 

Ever happened to you? See, what happens when you start reading all these diverse blogs of all these incredible moms, at some point you’ll come across a post, with content that you’ve had in mind for weeks and just wanted to write it and publish it, thinking, “Oh, This will be such an amazing post!”And what’s even worse, is that you see, people love it! They comment, share, it’s a BIG, FAT hit! OK, now just breath and sing along “Let it go, let it go…”

No.9 Social Media – I’ll do my crying in the rain!

My Social Media song, to remain sane and laugh a bit:

Post me here and tweet me there,

don’t forget to pin and share!

Comment, like, try to be quick,

for your stats that is the trick!

Join Facebook groups, but be involved!

Give advice, make problems solved!

On Google plus go find your place,

re-share, plus one and leave a trace!

Followers will come and go,

try out as many, go with the flow!

There are so many ways for you to share

but I warn you, to be aware –

it just might look like you’re having an affair!

What do you think? What’s your naked truth about blogging? Your thoughts are always welcome here!;)

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77 thoughts on “The naked truth 1: about #blogging

  1. Seriously I love your articles! It’s so refreshing to read not some glossy ideas about blogging but….well, the naked truth I guess!


  2. ha ha ha – love the song at the end! You’re so right though – once a blogger your life is never looked at in the same way again – everything is blog related – everything! I have such a long list of blog post titles on my phone that i’m adding after every conversation, every observed activity – anything that could be turned into 500 words! And there is never ever a spare 5 minutes anymore!! #BloggerClubUK


  3. Lol what a great social media poem you wrote! I can relate to all of your points! I used to feel like I had no free time & I was all consumed but I made a few changes which has relieved a lot of stress for me! I found I was spending too much time checking on things, now I write emails for awhile then step away. I don’t reply right when I get one anymore, same on social media. Otherwise there’s literally never a second free!! I’m looking forward to the next installment. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK xx


  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Hahaha just kidding. I hate that too. Actually I find it a bit rude because it’s obvious the person hasn’t really read my post and I do try to make an effort with my comments.

    I’m one of those people who only post once a week and it works for me. I couldn’t imagine having the time or the inclination to go pro. I have enough trouble keeping up with linkies and commenting on other blogs as it is. Probably because I leave essays like this one lol.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hehe great post! I’m nowhere near going pro with my blog yet but it”s already taking over every waking minute! And you have to be a master in so many areas – social media, marketing, pitching, writing, creating, organising, planning, etc. The list is endless. Oh and those dreaded stats! I keep trying to ban myself from looking, and it lasts all of 23hours (yup I haven’t made it to entire day yet!) #BloggerClubUK


  6. I friggin’ ADORE blogging. I have met some of my best friends through blogging and would never ever ever give it up. EVER. That being said, it has sucked me in and it’s hard for me at times to divide business from pleasure because I actually find blogging to be rather pleasurable. That being said, my husband would like for me to NOT be on my phone so much, but that comes with the territory for sure!

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  7. Oh my goodness! Love naked truth! These are great!! I am a stats watcher, too. Sigh. This is my third attempt at blogging and sometimes, I want to shake my screen, throw it across the room and such…but, writing constantly sucks me back in. lol. And, now, I do have a book I must promote…so, it’s good…and a pain in the butt. 🙂


  8. Love the poem at the end!! I’ve had to take to step back with 2 kids. Loads to do on my blog really to improve it but no time. Has to be more of a hobby with a few perks! Good luck to you hun and all so true. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x


  9. I had no idea what I was getting into. It becomes a way of life. 6 am- link parties…all day stat check and promote on social media…nighttime…write and look for work, write emails.




  10. haha love the song at the end! I am by no means a pro blogger, nor have I monetised my (very new) blog. I’m just here for fun, but wow! I didn’t imagine I would spend so much time doing this! There’s no such thing as free time. Although I guess this is how I am spending my free time!
    I agree with what you’re saying about comments too. It can be hard to be original, but also when the post you’ve just spent time reading isn’t something you can really relate to.
    And number 8! Happens to me all the time! I’m just going to go with it next time and maybe link back to the other post!


  11. haha! (Genuine comment I swear) this is exactly it! I thought hmmmm I’ll start a blog not realising there are approximately 50 million other mumma bloggers out there! Still know nothing about anything so just commenting on and writing things that I find funny! If no one ever reads its then hey ho, great post 🙂


  12. Great post! Thanks for sharing #ablogginggoodtime

    Haha I jest. Well, it is a great post because you hit a few nails on the head and I love your song. We’re all certainly crying in the rain sometimes! Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

    PS I’ll share 🙂


    • Thank you Alison! You know what I love the most right now? That in the comments you’re all writing, I feel the smile behind the words and knowing I made you smile or even laugh, well, as I say, My work here is done! xx;)


  13. You’ve finished commenting by lunchtime? Slacker! It’s almost tea time and i’ve been doing nothing else. I should retrain as a teacher and have more free time after marking hundreds of papers than I do blogging. The worst addiction/job ever. Gotta keep going tho 🙂 Thanks for lovely post Jo #blogginggoodtime

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  14. I identify with all of these but particularly 6 and 8. I seem to spend half my time reading and commenting (but I guess thats what happens when you host 2 linkies 😉) the down side of that is as you said you read a post that you’ve been trying to find the time for ages to write. My advice is to just write it as your version will be just that yours… Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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  15. Love this! I totally agree about the free time thing – I’ve forgotten what free time even is lol. And yes – that moment where you see the fab post you were going to write already written!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK


  16. Ha I couldn’t agree more! I often ask why I actually started blogging in the first place – its so totally addictive and takes up so much of my time. Most of the time I love it, but I admit that other weeks I loath the constant feeling that ‘I should be blogging’! 🙂 #coolmumclub


  17. Great post – thanks for sharing!
    Recognised a fair few of these occupational hazards of blogging! It took me a while, but the linky thing fizzled out for me – it kinda sucked the joy out of writing, as I spent all the time reading and commenting on like 3 linkies a day. I’m not saying it wasn’t helpful – far from it, but it was too consuming. Once I started a linky, I was able to let the great stuff come to me! Amen! (Although with some commitment and hard work too).
    You just gotta find what works for you and how far you are prepared to take this thing. But most importantly – enjoy it!
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re absolutely right. Finding what works for you is the key. I know it takes time and hard work, but without the joy there is no point in doing it. So, enjoying it, like you said, is the key;) thank you!


  18. The poem at the end is GENIUS! There have been so many times when I have nearly thrown my laptop out of the window at the sheer frustration of blogging. It takes so much time! Never ending! The one thing I have learnt that helps is IGNORE THE STATS. I don’t have a clue anymore and I am happier that way #FridayFrolics


  19. I can relate to every point you make and agree it is so God dame hard with comments and trying to be ‘orginal’ etc. It is hard work and even harder for the blogger partner to understand and get blogging with all the work X #bestandworst


  20. Great post. Blimey I see what you mean about linkys. I only link a few posts up but usually only to 1 linky – I know that most people will be similar in each one and I can’t do the amount of commenting that’s required. Blogging is a full time job even when it isn’t! #blogginggoodtime


  21. Loved your post.I’m new and just finding out all about your points that you have cleverly put together!Massive weight gain is also proving to be a problem as my ass seems to be permanently in a chair and my circulation seems to stop at my knees!Can’t help but really love it though!#Friday Frolics

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  22. I think you’ve just written what we all think. I was so behind on commenting this week I’ve spent all damn night doing it. Thankfully X Factor was rubbish so was background noise. Resolution for the New Year is to get back to being organised. I’ve slacked lately and I hate it! #coolmumclub


  23. EXACTLY ==== NOOOOO FREE TIME! Unless you FORCE YOURSELF. For me, the blog post I just posted is my LAST ONE until January 9th! I am giving myself a break, plus I am traveling… Which is the perfect excuse to NOT work on the blog! We do have to live our lives – our blogs will be there when we get back!


  24. Social media is the bane of my life! I’m a blogger that hates twitter and all its weird etiquette. I just can’t be doing with it. I once joined a twitter party and my head nearly exploded. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics. Have a fantastic Christmas. Hope to see you linking up again in 2017.

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  27. You must have spies in my brain. Lol! I’ve struggled with all of these things at some point or another, my real passion is writing, so I’m just trying to do that and then eventually I may add the all time consuming aspects of social media back in. … or maybe I won’t. It’s too hard! 😫


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