Winter time and sparkles in December

start to make memories worth to remember.

This is the time for us to shine,

to warm all hearts, warm yours and mine.

You feel the magic filling the air,

see countless people smile as they stare

when millions of sparks lights up the sky..

Anticipating new, to past saying Goodbye.

Belief in child’s eyes and hope in their hearts,

put cookies on plate, milk in a cup, turn out the lights.

Looking trough the window, sitting round the Christmas tree,

and the next morning seeing their faces, shining with glee.

For grown ups I guess santa is LOVE.

It is HOPE and FORGIVENESS – the everlasting beauty, that inner glow.

It is our desire to be our best –

giving to others, to share with the rest..

December really is a special fellow.

We’re acting all goofy and joyful, more mellow.

Time to celebrate Jesus and Mary!

Time to rejoice, time to be MERRY!

So, open your hearts, listen, don’t doubt!

As you feel the whisper, warm on your mouth:

“Believe in the Magic, never let it go,

no matter how big you are or how small!

And a MERRY, MERRY Christmas to you all!”

…. Ho Ho Ho….

© Chilli Regina, December 2016

A Cornish Mum
Prose for Thought

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