Beauty Guide: Top 9 homemade facial scrubs and masks

The world has gone mad over ORGANIC and NATURAL cosmetics and beauty products. Even though it can be a bit tricky on what organic and 100% natural actually mean! So, with all the fuzz and buzz going round it, I try to make the most for my body and skin at home, by myself. With DIY scrubs and masks. But there are things here to consider also! Keep reading…

Beauty Guide Homemade Facials Scrubs Creams Organic Natural Cosmetics


In this post I am focused on facials, facial scrubs, masks and creams. Skin on your face is delicate, especially round your eyes, so make sure you treat it the right way.

You can forget about expensive or time-consuming facials, when you can make them with the ingredients you have right there in your KITCHEN! Yes, in the place you probably spend most of your time (right moms?). And the best part is, that you know exactly what you put in and most of this scrubs and masks are so delicious, you could eat them – and you can!;) How much more organic and natural can it get?!

There are millions of video tutorials on how to make a homemade scrub/mask. But here’s a few things you need to know about them.

  1. Some ingredients like sea salt can be too rough and can damage your skin. Avoid it after shaving, when having cuts and don’t use it on your face!
  2. You shouldn’t use scrubs with citrus more than twice a week.
  3. Some ingredients can cause allergic reaction – if you have the tendency towards allergies, be sure to test it on your wrist before applying to your face or body!
  4. Use facial scrubs only few times a week. And don’t scrub too hard!;)
  5. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, no more.
  6. Try to make fresh scrubs or masks. Jars and other containers can develop bacteria, so scrubs are no good anymore!
  7. If you are making them as gifts, use smaller jars, for a week of use, not more. 
  8. The point of making and using homemade scrubs and masks is not to make you 20 years younger but to nourish your skin, clean dead cells and pores, refresh and hydrate.
  9. I would avoid the use of essential oils in facial scrubs and masks. they can cause allergic reaction, dry your skin or cause headache if added too much!
  10. Don’t over do it and use your common sense.;) Think before applying!

I decided last year to make these scrubs as Christmas presents for my friends and family. And they were a BIG HIT! So, if you have someone’s birthday coming up, here’s an idea or two!

I was looking for easy, few (max 3) ingredients (that you have at home always) scrubs. I was looking for ingredients that smooth your skin, hydrate it and clear pores and have a bit of anti-ageing effect (even though I know it may take more than just a scrub);)

My favorite 13 ingredients and their benefits:

  • lemon (brightens skin, anti-bacterial)
  • brown sugar (gentle exfoliant)
  • milk ( cleanser, nourish skin, rich in vitamins and proteins) – Cleopatra’s style;)
  • cinnamon (for renewal and stimulating circulation, fights acne)
  • ground coffee (exfoliant, reduce inflammations and redness)
  • olive oil (hydrating, nourish the skin)
  • Honey (skin cleaner, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, moisturizer)
  • rice (gentle exfoliant, skin toner, radiant skin, acne healer)
  • egg (moisturizer, shrinks pores, clears oil), egg white (peeling for blackheads)
  • AloeVera (75% skin treatment ingredients)
  • Coconut oil/butter (nourish the skin)
  • cucumber (refresher, hydrates, soothing effect)
  • baking soda (gentle exfoliant)

Now tell me, do you have all these things in your kitchen? Pretty sure you do, at least half of them! So, let’s get started and make some scrubs!

No.1 Quick and easy 5 facial scrubs & masks 

Watch the tutorial HERE, as Spankie will lead you trough all of them. I love these as they are really so easy to make and in no time at all!

  • Lemon face scrub

You’ll need: – half a lemon, – sugar, – honey. Slice the lemon in half, put some honey on and deep it in sugar. Then scrub away! Afterwards gently wash with water.

  • Brightening skin scrub

You’ll need: – egg white, – 2 tbsp honey. Mix it together and apply it on your face (use a brush). After 15-20 min wash it off gently. You can apply egg yolk for moistening.

  • Refreshing mask

We all know this one. You’ll need: – cucumber, – yogurt. Finely chop cucumber and mix it with yogurt. Apply it and leave it on for 15-20 min.

  • Renewal mask

LOVE this one! My skin is gentle like a cashmere;) You’ll need: – 1 tbsp cinnamon, – 2 tbsp honey. Mix and apply. Leave it on for 5 min. You could wet your hands and scrub it over your face and lips. It will definitely stimulate circulation!

  • Exfoliation peel

You’ll need only the egg white here. Apply it half, then lay over pieces of paper towel and apply the other half over them. Wait until dried, then peel it off. Amazing! Definitely try this one!

Facial Scrubs Lemon Brightening Skin Refreshing Mask Exfoliating


No.2 Coffee facial scrub – anti-acne, stimulating, anti-inflammation

This is such an easy DIY scrub! Watch the tutorial HERE, where Alexandra will lead you trough treatment. This scrub will reduce redness and any inflammation of your skin, clean your skin and also stimulate circulation. If you have problems with acne, this is the mask to use!

You’ll need: – ground coffee, – 2 tbsp honey, -3 tbsp olive oil. Mix the ingredients and scrub away. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash.

Coffee Scrub Acne Peeling Anti-aging


No.3 Rice wash-off face mask – anti-aging, brightening, toning

This is one of my favorite masks. Rice is perfect exfoliant, and you can use it raw and blended. Then top it on a lemon and scrub away! If you have Jasmine rice even better!

For an even better treatment, watch this TUTORIAL. With this rice mask you will get radiant, brighter skin. It’s Japanese secret on how to maintain young, fresh, clean skin no matter the age!

You’ll need: – 3 tbsp rice, – 1/2 cup water to cook the rice, – 2 tbsp milk, – 2 tbsp honey. Cook the rice for 15 min then pour it trough the filter, saving the water! add milk and honey to the rice and blend it. Apply the mask and let it dry on your face then wash it with water. Afterwards you can use rice-water and clean your face with it as it is a perfect skin-toner!

Rice Facial Mask Anti-aging Renewal Brightening Soft Skin


No.4 Coconut oil and baking soda mask – anti-aging

This one is amazing! It will literally take a few years off your face in just 5 minutes! You never would have thought using baking soda on your face, right? Well, think again! In this TUTORIAL, you will see coconut oil and soda mixed together in magic mask! The skin feels soft, smooth and toned!

You’ll need: – 3 tbsp baking soda, – 1 tbsp coconut oil. Mix well and apply it, massage your face and you can even use it round your eyes. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and wash with water. Amazing!

Coconut Oil Baking Soda Facial Mask Anti-aging


No.5 Aloe Vera – smoothing, anti-acne treatment, moisturizing, hydrating

AloaVera is such a versatile plant you can use in any form and for almost anything! Here is my favorite video on how you can use ALOE VERA!

For DIY Aloe Vera night cream, watch the tutorial HERE. This cream is perfect for winter time or if you have extra dry skin, while AloeVera is known for its hydrating effect. You can use AloeVera gel or fresh leaves.

If you have Aloe Vera leaves, I recommend you use them instead of the lemon, for the scrubs with rice and scrub with sugar and honey (first one in this post). You can massage your face with them.. Just make sure you peel them before using!;)

You’ll need: – 4 tsp coconut oil, – 4 vitamin E capsules, – 4 tsp Aloe Vera gel. Mix it together and apply the cream over night.

Aloe Vera Night Cream Smoothing Hydrating Cleanser Facial Anti-aging


Hope you’ve enjoyed this Homemade facial treatments. Next I’ll be sharing my favorite body scrubs with some tips and tricks alongside! Stay tuned!

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16 thoughts on “Beauty Guide: Top 9 homemade facial scrubs and masks

  1. I had no idea about any of the 10 pints you mentioned here in your post. You learn something new every day! I’m not sure abouto the coffee facial scrunch but the aloe Vera and the coconut oil and baking soda ones sound good seeing as I’m a lover of coconut oil and aloe Vera anyway so I may give these a go when I have some free time. Thanks for sharing.


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  2. Wow there are some brilliant ideas for masks here just using things that you would have at home. I mean how many of us actually get time to go to a spa now? I didn’t know that honey had antibacterial qualities but that makes sense as to why it is good for a cold too! The Lemon face scrub sounds amazing! (And delicious if I’m totally honest!) Thanks for linking with #DreamTeam x

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