10 ways to boost your Energy when feeling down

Have you experienced it? Feeling down, a bit depressed? Perhaps you experience it a few days before your monthly period. Perhaps you’re stressed from work, tired, problems filling up your mind, break-ups…Any of those reasons can lead to:

  • Feeling down, feeling depressed, with no energy.
  • Self-doubt, insecurity.
  • The edge of crying. With a feeling your chest is about to explode.
  • Being fearful, scared. Feeling lonely.
10 Ways To Boost Energy Inspiration


This moments of feeling down have a way of squeezing in our minds and staying there for as long as we let them, I guess. Could be few days, maybe a day, an hour… But no matter for how long, it’s not a good place to be.

I usually become a bit of depressed just a few days before my period! Sometimes it hits me harder than other times but still, every time for two days, I feel like the World has gone down on me…

I wasn’t sure, why I was experiencing those feelings or if they were even normal. So, trough the years I’ve looked for answers and ways to beat this feelings and I’ve somehow managed to keep them under control and deal with them in easy and quick ways that I’ll be sharing with you today.

I’ve realized these kind of feelings are normal and there’s nothing to fear about…These are the moments that come and go. Moments of weakness that can be beaten and we become even stronger.

I guess that is what makes us us. It’s how Life works and if you need a reminder of just how beautiful life is, take a jump over to my Naked truth 4: about Life. Just for a bit of inspiration that might chase your blues away…

My 10 ways to boost Energy:

1. Let those feelings out and do NOT nourish them!

I’ve learned that pretending everything is fine, will only make things worse. You become even more irritated, grumpy, spreading your bad mood all around. Not helping!!

So, just let go. When you’re alone, at home, cry it out, shout it out, beat some pillow up. Get it out of your system. Do it as many times as you need to.

Embrace you’re feeling down, accept it and do not feel guilty!! Please, do not feel guilty, as it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But don’t feel sorry for yourself! Don’t nourish these feelings when you’re down. Let them out and then get up again.

2. Listen to the radio real loud and sing along way off

Yep, this one helps me every time! Just make sure no one will report you for making too much noise. You will probably look like a crazy person, I know I do, with singing way off and making faces and poses that no one should ever see! I sometimes do it while driving, but I know it’s not safe, so do it at home, alone!

3. Calm your mind with affirmation

This helps me when my mind is running wild, and I need to calm. I recently found a great YouTube channel, with music that literally takes you off of this planet! You can find it HERE (try turning up the link for greater effect of this post).

Make yourself comfortable. Put on your favorite leggings and sweatshirt and place yourself on a bed or sofa or on the floor, wherever feels most comfortable. And just listen. Let your mind take you places. Shoot to the stars, on to the fields of lavender, up to the clouds…

As you slowly drift away, start with affirmations. Repeat each line 3 times, picture those lines in your mind. Believe what you are saying:





I promise you, if you do this once a week, you will start to see changes, you will feel so much better, more confident. Affirmations do work wonders for your mind!

4. Do the things that you love

What are the things you enjoy most? Shopping? Cooking? Reading a good book? Go out with your best friend? Do it! This is for your soul!

What I usually do, is:

  • bake
  • draw and craft
  • write poems
  • look at photo albums, remembering all the stories from my childhood

5. Confide in your partner

At first, I always kept away this feelings from my husband. But he was always asking me, what was wrong, why I’m in a bad mood, often leading to a fight, which made everything even worse. Telling him that it will pass and that it’s all good just didn’t seem fair to him no more. Once I’ve let him in, everything changed.

On those days we talk more. We cuddle more. We hug more. We kiss more. He takes care of me. Nothing better than a sofa, a blanket, you and your hubby in PJ’s and a glass of wine!

6. Call your mom!

In those days I do need a bit of a woman’s touch, agree? So, what better than to call my mom. I know in her heart I will always be that little girl and that she will always be there for me.

Feeling and hearing the love of your mother is one of the best cures in the world. It makes me feel safe and secure.

So, dial the number, because nothing is greater than a mother’s love for her child! Agree, moms?:)

6. Get on the nearest hill, run 5 miles, 1 hour workout

Exercise will boost your energy to the sky! Going outdoors works the best. Nature has its way of healing and calming our mind and soul. When I go hiking, I give it my all,  pushing and going out of breath, really working my body, sweating away all of my problems. But when I reach the top, I take time. To look and see, to listen and hear, to breathe in the beauty of it all. To calm and recharge.

So, push yourself, even if you don’t feel like it! That’s when you need it the most. if you stay indoors, I would suggest belly dancing. It will bring your woman energy out, you will feel sexy and it’s a great workout!

7. Housework will do the work!

Works for me! This is how my husband usually knows that my time of he month is coming up in a few days. The house is spotless! I’m talking cleaned shelves in kitchen cupboards, no dust under the beds or sofa, shiny furniture and organized document’s drawer. It’s like a spring cleaning every month!

With some great music it gets even better!!

8. Watch a movie that you love

What kind of movies do you like in those days? Romance movies win each time with me… I cry and laugh and cry again. And somehow that makes me feel good! Go figure! The way I know it was a good movie to cry with is, when my eyes are so swollen the next morning, I can barely open them;))

Also comedy is a great solution if you need to boost your energy and just keep your mind off of things! A good comedy will do just that – relax your mind and smiling is proven to increase your endorphins!

These are my fave movies to cry your heart out, for comedy, you’re on your own;)):

  • Family man
  • Pride and prejudice
  • Jane Eyre
  • Ghost
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Perfect Sense (must see this! if you haven’t)

Hot chocolate is a must with the movies, of course!

9. Write it down, draw or create

Sometimes it helps writing down what goes on in your mind. Your fears, doubts, insecurity, anger, disappointments,…

I’ve written quite a few of my best poems during this times of darkness. It wasn’t till later, when I read them, I saw how expressive and emotional they are. It’s great, because they remain this little glimpse of your darkest and deepest moments and can be the answer you never thought you were looking for.

Don’t worry about the form, rhymes. You are not in a poet’s competition. Let the words come to you on their own, do not choose them, do not seek them. Let your mind loose.

Expressing your inside with creativity is the most liberating thing you can do.

10. Slow down, stop for a while and give yourself credit

This is my last suggestion. Life can be so overwhelming, with million things to do and million more to think about. With high expectations on every corner and always someone to compete with, to compare with. It’s crazy and I’m not sure I like the way our lives are heading. But it really is up to ourselves, to STOP and slow down. Who cares if someone outruns you!

Don’t make your life a battle field, make it a life worth living. For you and your family. Because that is what counts in the end. LOVE and FAMILY and the MOMENTS of HAPPINESS  you create.

One Messy Mama

40 thoughts on “10 ways to boost your Energy when feeling down

  1. Some fab suggestions – if my energy is hitting a low I tend to lean on caffeine waaay to much. I thought the other day I should switch each cuppa with water or a smoothie. Guess what – didn’t happen!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub


  2. I get those days when I feel like everything is just awful. And sometimes I feel like calling my mother will just make me feel worse because she lives so far away and I wish you could get actual hugs through FaceTime. But I find being active – blitzing the housework, going out for a good walk and writing all help me feel much better. #GlobalBlogging


  3. The idea of letting the feelings out and “not nourishing them” really resonated with me. Because that’s essentially what we do when we mope. We are NOURISHING the bad feeling (whatever it is). I just never thought of it that way. Very wise. (Oh, and mindless TV helps me too. The Bachelor in particular. Don’t tell anyone.) 😉


  4. A good book in a bath will also sort you out. No better way of escapism than reading! Love your list – I often have a loud singalong (for no reason) and it lifts my spirits.

    Sally @ Life Loving


    • Reading, yes! Love it! I am the kind of a reader that doesn’t put the book down till it’s finished (if it’s good of course) – it’s like I’m transfered into another world and don’t want to get out;))


  5. Lovely words. Suggestions are great. I get quite emotional during that time of month and I usually have a day in leggings and an old jumper – I think the kids like it as they get to sit on the settee and watch films x #globalblogging


  6. Strongly agree with number one!!! Only learned this recently. All the glittery, positive vibes flowing around on social media and when it hits you on a grey day, you just want to hide and think: what am I doing wrong? Nothing. Not every day meant to be meaningful and shiny happy. Some days are grey, and you just have to accept it. And concentrate on tomorrow.


  7. I am with you on these, I feel so much better if I get outside, do some exercise even if just power walking across the park and play music that makes me feel good about myself but nothing works quite so well as scrubbing the house from top to bottom! Thanks for sharing your ideas. #globalblogging


  8. Oh such a lovely post. I do find no. 2 works well for me too, especially worship songs. I put them on in the kitchen and sing along. My children think it’s great! I missed the postman last week because I was doing this and saw his ‘missed parcel’ card come through the letterbox I had to swing open the door to call him back, slightly embarrassed! #GobalBlogging


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