Reduce cellulite with these 4 tricks

Cellulite really is the enemy No.1 with us, women. No matter the size, age, weight, it’s there. But in this post we will  not talk about why we have it, but how we can reduce it!

So, time for the first three tricks! They are three exercises, focusing on your legs – your inner and outer thigh, your core and as a side effect your booty will get in shape too!

4 Tips to Reduce Cellulite



These are really easy moves, yet very effective. I promise you, if you will do this three exercises every day – for about 10 min – your legs will be toned in no time! Plus, you can do this routine anywhere, anytime, even when you’re outside with your family. You can even do it with your kids!

Note: If you have problems with your knees (or injuries), do not attempt to do these exercises! Skip to the last trick;))




Place your legs wider than your hips, feet turned to the side with 45° angle, straight legs.
Go down, making a squat, watch for streight back, abs squeezed , hands on your hips, knees go over your toes.

When you go up, really squeeze those inner thighs and gluts, so you can feel the burn.

After 15 of those, start pulsing half way down for another 15.




Go into the squat position – legs a bit wider than shoulders, feet straight, your back straight.

Squat down, squeeze your abs and as you go up, transfer your weight on your right leg and lift your left leg back. And go back down.

Do 15 kicks with one leg and then change your leg as working one leg at a time is far more effective than alternating them.


This is an exercise you probably remember from school. It’s so easy, yet very effective.



Stand straight, your abs squeezed. Make front lunges, exchanging the legs, making sure that you make a 90° angle with both legs. Do it slowly, making sure your back is straight all the time and your abs squeezed!

It’s the same with back lunges, only you make a step back.

Do 10 front lunges and 10 back lunges.

And one more trick for you!

This is a back-up plan if you have an event where you want to look amazing, wearing little black dress or something like that. It’s a cream you can make yourself and has instant effect on your skin.


Cream combines 2 ingredients: antioxidants and caffeine. Where can you find antioxidants? In your body-lotions, moisturizer creams, body oils..You have at least one of these at home, right? As for caffeine, you can find it in your anti-age cream, eye-cream or anti-wrinkle cream. Mix the two together, and voila! Your own anti-cellulite cream is ready!


For an even better effect, you can make yourself a Coffee scrub, that you can use on your problem areas, before you apply your cream. Coffee will increase the circulation and it will get the toxins in your skin moving and improving its surface. While this is an excellent exfoliation, it will also give you that radiant look of your skin. It’s really easy to make, just click on this Coffee scrub and watch how it’s done!

And don’t forget the most important, the most relaxing and the most enjoyable thing – your partner’s daily leg/butt massage! It works wonders – not just for your body but for your relationship as well!

For a long-term effect, eating healthy, drinking 1 l of water on 25 kg weight a day (now do your math how much water you need to drink;) and regular exercises are the key to your success.

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