About me

Hey, you! Thank you for stopping by my page. Here’s a little glimpse of my life and of what I’m up to..

My life journey has taken me many places. I can say, I had a pretty happy childhood, with some black marks of course (I mean who doesn’t) that had made me perhaps an even stronger person, with a lot of stories to tell.

I  was born back in the 1980, so do the math on my age:). As a child, you probably couldn’t wish for a more perfect one – I was quiet, never troubled, funny, cute…(my mom told me that, so it must be true!). When I was 6, my brother was born. I didn’t like him at all – at first (when I came into the hospital to see him for the first time, I asked my dad if we can have a dog instead?!!). But of course that changed. I love my brother!I was a good student, I loved to learn, but still at the first year of my highschool a black hole sucked me in and spit me out on the other end, where I had to find myself all over again. And I did..I finished highschool and college. My profession is museum curator, I was working at different museums, mostly with and for children. Now I am a stay at home mom blogger, who started blogging out of fun and the need to share her stories.

I met my husband at a salsa party and it was love at first site (at least for me;). We got married and had our first baby within the first year of our relationship and then our second baby right the next year..Yeah, fast right? It’s now been 8 years of our marriage and I have to say, I am still crazy for him (still sometimes I go crazy because of him;). We are a loving family, quite loud, may I add, but that’s just because our love has a strong voice. We have our ups and downs, and we are learning as we go..

I have always been good at listening to people, understanding their problems and struggles (or so I’ve been told). I love to help others, because in a way they are helping me too. Trough stories of others I started healing myself. You know the old wisdom’s saying that you attract the people who will somehow impact your life and from everyone you meet, you will learn something? If you believe it, your understanding of the world around you will completely change..All you have to do is keep your eyes and heart open. What you give is what you will receive..And everything happens for/with a reason. You might not see  the purpose of it but believe me, it is there..

Trough the stories I blog about, I want to show you, that no matter who we are, where we come from, no matter the age, we all strive to be our best. We all want or be healthy, we all want to feel beautiful, we all want to be happy.

So, you are more than welcome to search trough my blog, find the things you’re interested in and hopefully you will find answers, inspiration, solutions or just have a laugh or two..you are more than welcome to share your opinions with me and the others..

If you want to get in touch with me, contact me at chilliregina@gmail.com.